It's not about funnels.

Marketing is about relationships. At Create Inspire Convert, the focus is on creating a mindful experience for your potential clients or customers. No manipulation. No tricks. Just simple, easy, pure marketing.

Curious what that means?

Create Community

Marketing done mindfully attracts people who want to be a part of your community. You don't have to reinvent yourself to stay relevant. You just need to attract the right people.


The community you attract and build through your mindful marketing strategy becomes inspired by you. They deeply resonate with your work. They're action-takers. 


And when you've created that community of inspired action-takers, it results in growth. It brings possibility. And it opens the door to what's next for your business.

Are you tired of the marketing status quo?

Hi, my name's Amanda. I left a corporate gig with a Fortune 500 consumer products giant because I couldn't stomach the "norm" anymore. I believe it's possible to create a mindful marketing strategy that builds a relationships. One that's focused on your potential client or customer as a real human being, and not another dollar sign. 

There's a way to make marketing fun and authentic.

And it doesn't involve manipulation or any of the other tactics you've seen being used online. It boils down to a simply formula that I've used with my clients over and over. This formula creates a community of inspired action-takers. And best of all? No reinvention required. Relevance and visibility come down to your willingness to authentically show up. 

What's your next step?

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