It's not about funnels.
It's about friendships.

Do terms like lead gen, conversion rate, pixels, and analytics make you want to pull your hair out?


Does marketing seem needlessly confusing?

 Are you frustrated with online advertising?

Do you feel like content creation is a never-ending hamster wheel?

Do you believe there has to be a better way to grow your business online?

If you were nodding yes, you'll be relieved to know there's a better way to market your business.

Getting the results you want - visibility, growth, and revenue - are possible with marketing done in a customer-centric way.

You’ve probably tried everything from cheap Facebook ads, to toying with SEO, to asking your friends & family members to share your organic posts, and maybe even a webinar-to-sales-pitch that felt slimy a time or two.

It’s okay. You were told to do these things by almost every “marketing expert” on the internet.

When you’re frustrated that what used to work in online marketing doesn’t work anymore, these types of tactics seem like a good idea. But here’s the truth: in today’s market, the average consumer knows what you’re up to.

Marketing tactics that hide your true intentions are doing a disservice to your overall efforts. It’s a hard truth to swallow, but there is some good news.

There’s a better way you can market your business online. It’s a way that prioritizes friendships over funnels. It’s a form of marketing that enables you to feel good about what you’re putting out there, all while seeing steady growth.

Black chair in a dimly lit room with a lightbox sign on the seat that reads Think Outside The Box

You don't have to reinvent yourself.

You just have to learn to market mindfully.

That's what's unique about the Create Inspire Convert approach. 

It’s about bringing order to the chaos through a simple, streamlined strategy that’s rooted in service over meaningless volume and vanity metrics. The secret sauce that makes this work is something the gurus will never tell you.

When you not only put your customer at the center of your marketing strategy, but also build your business for them, profit naturally follows

You create a brand. A legacy.

"After working with business coaches and social media ‘hustlers’ in the past who were very intense and used pushy gimmicks to sell their products, your approach is a breath of fresh air."

Casey L.

"We brought Amanda in to help my team with funnel building and facebook ads.  She immediately felt like part of our family and aligned with our team values which are accountability, possibility and excellence. She knows her work so well, that we could easily hand off large projects with complete faith and trust that they would be completed on time."

Laura Frontiero, CEO of Bio-Radiant Health

What if I told you I walked away from a stable, salaried position…

…with a Fortune 500 consumer goods giant shortly after welcoming my third child and buying a new home? Crazy or courageous?

I had a shiny job as director of e-commerce for two “well-known” brands. I was coordinating operations, marketing and the brand team. On paper, I’d finally “made it”.

But there was a problem. I realized I didn’t belong in the world of traditional marketing. I couldn’t, in good faith, continue to use the same tactics and strategies over and over again knowing they were basically shots-in-the-dark (at best) or manipulative (at worst).

So I left. And after I left, I dedicated my time to beginning a business focused on mindful marketing – a blend of thoughtful organic and paid strategies that results in a cultivated community of action-takers who trust what you're selling is truly beneficial to them.

When you build your business for your customers in this way, everyone wins. And something amazing happens: your customers become your friends.

If you’re curious what I mean, stick around and prepare to learn about a new way of marketing – one that prioritizes the human over the dollar-sign. One that will make you feel good about yourself. Where marketing isn’t just a funnel system, but also builds friendships.

Ready for your next step?

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