And we believe in building mindful online marketing funnels that create an inspired community of action takers.


It all starts with a mindfully developed online marketing strategy centered on organic content that resonates with your target market. 


With an aligned content strategy comes the ability to fill your online marketing funnel with qualified potential clients or customers.


The final piece revolves around targeted email marketing and paid media to convert your qualified potentials into actual clients or customers.



And I'm the founder and CEO of Create Inspire Convert. When I walked away from my corporate job, I wasn't sure what was next except I knew I had a passion to help small business owners market their businesses online in an aligned and authentic way. 

This meant staying away from the "volume game" of typical online marketing "coaches" and "gurus", and experimenting with marketing that's built around the desires of your target market. Then aligned to your business goals. 

Approaching our services this way has enabled us to empower small business owners to feel good about their marketing. 



Small businesses are the backbone of the online economy. What holds small businesses back, though, is a lack of access to valuable resources larger companies and corporations are able to leverage in order to grow their business through online marketing.

Create Inspire Convert changes that.

Because of our team's corporate background, we have the knowledge, expertise and skillset needed to assist small businesses in their growth through mindful online marketing strategies.

By not relying on cheap, overdone and "slimy" tactics that focus only on "filling the funnel" versus connecting with qualified audiences, Create Inspire Convert empowers small businesses to not just make money - but to build a brand.

A brand that lasts. A brand that creates a legacy.


"We brought Amanda in to help my team with funnel building and facebook ads.  She immediately felt like part of our family and aligned with our team values which are accountability, possibility and excellence. She knows her work so well, that we could easily hand off large projects with complete faith and trust that they would be completed on time..."

"...I was so impressed the first time she came to me and let me know a certain ad wasn't performing as anticipated. This allowed us to make a timely decision to keep it going or pull it.  At that moment, I knew she really cared about my business and the ad-spend by making sure we aren't throwing money at the wind. Thank you so much for always showing up in excellence! I can sleep easy at night knowing you have everything handled."

- Laura Frontiero, CEO of Bio-Radiant Health