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paid media tips Dec 19, 2022

Maybe this is a weird confession but… I’m the person who reads all the fine print on every commercial I see. Or who points out marketing tactics like the fact that literally every drug commercial picks a specific color scheme (2-3 colors) and then prominently displays those colors throughout (through the clothes the actors wear, to the home decor accents, to the color of the cars, etc…).

You’ll never be able to un-notice that last one again. I’m sorry.

I love analyzing advertisements. Why? Well partly because I’m a marketer. But also because you can learn a lot by watching what other people are doing.

And there are some real creative gems out there!

I have three examples to share with you of advertisements that creatively bring brand awareness. But first… why do you care about this?

Brand awareness done creatively is an amazing way to make your brand memorable. And if there’s one secret ingredient to online marketing success… it’s being memorable.

(In a good way. Just sayin’.)

I’m going to share three creative examples of brand awareness campaigns that you can adapt to your business. You can leverage these tactics with a super affordable Facebook Ads reach campaign.

Here’s the thing about Reach campaigns on Facebook: They’re really good for promoting content you’d post to your Facebook page or Instagram feed anyway. You can attach a URL to them if you’d like, but it isn’t required.

Which means basically anything you post to your Facebook or Instagram business accounts is fair game as long as it’s conveying the long term strategy you have in mind.

Make sense?


I’ve got a free checklist oyu can download here PLUS there’s a 1 minute video walkthrough showing you how to setup a Reach Campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. Grab it here –


Let’s explore the examples I’ve found so you can see how you can leverage this for yourself.

Mr. Peanut Is Dead – Build Intrigue, Excitement & Anticipation

… Did ya see Mr. Peanut died? This campaign is hilarious and genius.

I mean, when was the last time you really thought about Planters and Mr. Peanut? Probably not within the last decade.

The premise is Mr. Peanut has sacrificed himself heroically (of course). It was epic. It was well thought out. It is memorable. And it sparked an emotional response. Many of them.

People found it funny, surprising, weird, and interesting.

Most importantly? It got people talking about the brand – Planters.

Even more importantly than that? They’ve hooked countless people in because we all want to know what happens next to Mr. Peanut??

They’re continuing this story into their Super Bowl ad. And the story may continue after that, too. And one thing’s for sure… this memorable ad will have people thinking about Mr. Peanut and probably buying more Planters snacks, too. Brand awareness at its finest.

How you can leverage this tactic with a Facebook Ads Reach campaign: You can use this same tactic by creatively thinking of how you can tell a story broken up into 3-4 ads.

You don’t have to go so extreme as killing off your mascot, but you can creatively think about how you can break up your next product or service launch in a way that builds interest, is captivating and intriguing to your ideal client.

This could be as simple as teasing at an announcement in one ad, extending the tease in a second ad, then announcing in the third ad.

Drop these ads as posts onto your Facebook and/or Instagram feed, then use those posts as the basis for your campaign.

What’s your 80s Pricing Persona? – Create a Fun & Interesting Quiz

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? I mean it’s why Buzzfeed existed at first, right?

I love love love Tarzan Kay’s quiz – “What’s your 80s Pricing Persona?”

The purpose of any good quiz is to give you a little deeper insight into why you do the things you do. In the case of a business leveraging a quiz, it helps a potential client or customer visualize the way in which that business can help…

… and it also helps build your email list. 😎Because results can be delivered via email!

How you can leverage this tactic with a Facebook Ads Reach campaign: Start by thinking about the pain points your ideal client has… then think about you can turn those into pleasure points.

In other words, how does your product or service take what your ideal client is struggling with and fix it? That’s the basis of your quiz.

You make your quiz memorable like Tarzan’s when you take a piece of your personal brand and amplify it with the quiz. If you check out Tarzan’s site, you’ll see it’s pretty vibrant, funky and fun. Her quiz takes that to the next level.

Drop your quiz onto a dedicated landing page on your site then post about it on your Facebook page and/or Instagram. Use that post as the basis for your Reach campaign and you’re good to go.

The Best Men Can Be – Tap Into A Social Cause that Aligns with Your Brand

In 2019, Gilette made serious waves with their new twist on their old slogan “the best a man can get” when they changed it to “the best men can be”

In case you missed it, here’s the ad:

This ad caused a serious stir. It came onto the scene as #metoo was reaching new heights. It was memorable because it took a stand – which can be pretty unusual for a brand to do – on a polarizing issue.

This is why it worked – it sparked conversation and emotions. It either deepened existing brand loyalty, or sparked new brand loyalty for viewers who appreciated Gilette’s stance.

How you can leverage this tactic with a Facebook Ads Reach campaign: What’s a social or cultural issue you can take a stance on that aligns with your brand values?

The key here it to become an authentic voice in the conversation. Don’t ride into an issue trying to profit on it. If it’s something your brand can identify with and contribute to the conversation around, then go for it.

Also, the issue doesn’t have to be so large as #metoo. Maybe it’s something local to your community, or a passion project your business has special ties to.

Create a post with your stance (whatever that may look like for you) and then promote that post as a reach campaign.


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